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Discover our wellness products that have been intentionally curated to cater to your self-care needs. Our collection of digital products are regularly updated and provide you with the support you need to kickstart your self-care journey. Browse our collection and start taking the first step in improving your well-being.

Teacher Self-Care Wellness Journal

As a survivor of burnout, I know all too well how difficult it is to prioritize yourself as an educator. Being proactive when it comes to self-care is something that most people struggle with. This journal was created to help you integrate self-care into your day so that you are not only able to show up for your students, but also for yourself and your family as well.

This digital journal is perfect for educators who want to prioritize themselves and manage the stress that life throws their way. It consists of a 37-page PDF that includes pause and reflect sections, a gratitude activity, and journal prompts focused on boundaries for educators, legacy and community, limiting beliefs, choosing yourself, and mindfulness.


Teacher Self-Care Kit Staff Morale Booster

This resource is an incredible way to show staff appreciation and boost morale. All educators need to prioritize their self-care. In this staff activity, colleagues can share self-care-related goodies with each other anonymously to brighten someone’s day.

This digital file includes 1 PDF and 3 additional self-care resources.


Official Self-Care Merchandise

Are you a self-care scholar that loves to wear comfy tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies with powerful statements to remind you of the importance of prioritizing yourself? Check out our SCU merch!